Frequently asked questions

Who we are?

We are an interior decorator & designer, works with teams & materials for Home, Office & Store that means, we works for residential & commercial both. We are specialised in civil, interior & furniture.

Why should anyone hires interior designer?

An interior designer manages your space, utilize your area even that's an inch, and beutify with colours and concepts.

What is the process?

We firstly meet you, see area, measure all with directions note, then we plan according to your requirements and make suitable plans with estimation, and provide you to finalize. After approval, we start works and finish within timeline decided. From start to end, everything we handle, you just seat and relax paying us.

What is about budget?

We know, budget matters, and to everyone, but onething that work matters even more. We care of you so, we do estimate as per your budget without compromising in work quality.

What things are given before finalization?

We provide you Plan & Estimation, and if you have own then you can tell us, so we can work on that too. If, required we do 3D designs to make you visualize actual what we are going to do.

What is 3D Design?

With the help of computer graphic, we provide you the actual visual in still images which is planned for you. And yes, you are allowed to make any changes or addition you want.

Is there any visiting charges?

Absolutely no. You pay only, if you confirm to go with us.

What is payment terms?

Based on works, different parts of payments are available where you can pay in parts within works and rest 10% after finalisation.

Is there any EMI option?

Yes, with Credit Cards. You can also opt for No Cost EMI.

Any support after service?

Yes, depending on works, we provide 1 to 5years of service support at no cost.

What happened if I pay initially for design and do not go with work?

This amount is taken from you for your work, which is actually much less than actual so, the initial amount paid during design or on approved estimate is not refundable if you don't go with works.

When do I get GST Invoice?

GST Invoices are generated only after full payment inclusive GST.